About COHP

COHP’s focus is to bring the best available, safe, and reputable, Health and CBD products to our consumers with the aim to take the frustration out of foraging for your reputable CBD products.

We are focused on creating a seamless customer experience with the best rated CBD brands available in the UK. This way, we can ensure the best possible results, both for us as a business and for you as the consumer.

We do not just aim to be a provider of Cannabis Oils and Health Products; we aim to educate and inform the UK about the therapeutic Health benefits and the science behind CBD.

We achieve this with our blogs and articles, training sections, books and platform recommendations. To ensure we only house the Safest most effective products, we us our stringent Multi-Point inspection process, which not only exhibits, in one place, all the required information to make the best choice for your requirements, but it saves hours of time, money and stress during your online searches.

In all our businesses, we are well known for going out of our way for our customers.” We go the extra mile, so you don’t have to”.

Our core beliefs and values, not only as a business but as people are complete Honesty, Compassion, Support and overall Kindness.

All of our staff have undergone and completed courses about CBD and the Endocannabinoid system and how it works. And have also completed Diplomas on The Effects of CBD on Mental Health.

Our Mission

  1. To Provide Our Customers with The Highest Quality of Premium CBD, Genuine Customer Service, and Professional Advice.
  2.  To Provide a Healthy and Safe Environment, with business and life skills, for both Owners and Our Employees.
  3. To Provide All of Our Employees the same level of training to ensure care and knowledge is distributed efficiently to all our valued customers.

Our Vision

Within the Next 5 Years, COHP Will Be A Leading Supplier of Premium Quality CBD Products all Over the UK And the Rest Of the world.

Our aim is to educate the public on the benefits of using CBD and Health Products by providing educational resources via our training platform where we understand not only the power of CBD but the power of a positive mental attitude (PMA) to achieve complete Homeostasis.

We aim to inspire with consumer stories, results and our own personal experiences of how our combined knowledge will help with your body and mind to attain and maintain balance.

Our Values

  • Ambitious
  • Education
  • Expertise
  • Honesty
  • Kindness
  • Learning
  • Support
  • Transparent

Our People

Nick Barden


Nicholas Barden is the Founder of BSmart (The BSmart Group), which is the umbrella company that houses BSmart Phone Repairs, Bert’s Vape Bar, and our newest addition, COHP (Cannabis Oils and Health Products).

With his entrepreneurial mindset and skills, Nick has created business upon business to form The BSmart Group.

Nick is extremely passionate about every aspect of his business ventures. He loves to help others and will go the extra mile to make sure both his customers and staff are happy and well taken care of.

Nick has a keen eye and skill for finding the next big thing, usually years before it reaches most of us, and Cannabinoid based products were no exception.

Nick has been involved with CBD since 2016 before it went mainstream and has developed a vast Knowledge in this topic.

Having undergone many training courses and diplomas all about cannabinoids, CBD and Mental Health along with diplomas in marketing, business and coaching, while being affiliated with some of the leading bodies within the industry Nick is our go to support within most areas.

Nick has battled with many challenges over his career, but he always pushes himself to achieve his goals. He is a strong believer in staying focused on inspiring and lifting his team.  

Sarah Barden

As the Manager of The BSmart Group, Sarah Barden is both diligent and committed to her role. She joined the businesses in 2017 after 14 years working for a local Textile Company.

Sarah’s primary role as manager is to ensure the daily functioning of the three businesses. She trains new employees to The BSmart Group’s high standard, alongside liaising with suppliers and customers.

She completes administrative works and manages a large proportion of the bookkeeping; she motivates staff and creates an environment where employees thrive.

As well as maintaining an upbeat attitude and fantastic overall customer service.

Sarah constantly strives to improve her knowledge and skills and Since working with The BSmart Group has achieved a range of diplomas. These include Excel, Project Management, CBD, and Mental Health, amongst others.

Sarah is a fast learner and makes managing and duplicating the business easy and efficient. She is a real asset to the company.